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CANNITO - Il Piatto della Salute was born on the trail of an ancient tradition of processing of grain with its products, in Rutigliano (southern of Bari). Since the 90s, Giuseppe Cannito started a small but excellent production of one of the most typical and ancient power of Apulia: the Taralli.
The company, now, has been devoted to a constant, continuous search for quality, obtained - first of all - according to the rules of tradition in terms of the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process used.

This philosophy was immediately rewarded by the markets and has enabled the company to achieve results in uninterrupted growth. After a few years, the contractor decided to build for his work as a new home, where you could practice - with even more tightened criteria - the pursuit of perfect quality.
The new industrial factory, which is located on the outskirts of Rutigliano (south of Bari) gave way to all workers, thanks to the technology used and the wide spaces, to work in the best way, dramatically increasing volumes while productive maintaining the quality standards of the time.
The company produces Taralli (which can be divided into two categories: traditional Taralli and Taralli "special" hand-made).
Biscuits for breakfast (on the traditional Apulia way), tea biscuits of high quality, added to this special and typical processing of durum wheat which is decorticated and vacuum-packed to be used alone, after cooking of hundreds different recipes, typical of the Mediterranean diet.
The company is currently structured in three different production departments, each dedicated to a specific product line with about thirty employees located in three departments.

The administrative office and the commercial offices makes use of the collaboration of numerous human resources, including an Export Manager in the management staff, which together take care to follow about 4000 customers across the all the country and on the international field, divided between (GDO, DO), wholesale market, local distribution and importers.
The office customers, also, takes care of any problematic management and of personalized products in terms of packaging and labeling operations. The logistics facility is able to satisfy all your needs in terms of speed and accuracy in delivery that the company out both by their own means or using selected and reliable national and international carriers.
At the end of 2012 the company started a process of voluntary certification to ensure its customers the achievement of the quality objectives expressed already in the name "Il Piatto della Salute". The evidence phase of achievement are:

  • ISO 22000 Standard is a point of reference for the operators for the implementation of Community rules on hygiene and food safety
  • BRC Global Standards Global Standard for Food Safety is the most valuable and the most recognized among the world's standards of product safety and covers consumer products packaging materials for packaging, storage and distribution of products
  • IFS International Food Standard International Food Standard is a model recognized both in Europe and in the rest of the world and is one of the standards relating to food safety recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative whose main objective is to reinforce and promote food safety throughout the supply chain